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Sundials on new Sustrans cycle paths

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Sustrans is the national charity which has pioneered the National Cycle Network This is a visionary Millennium project to revolutionise cycling in the UK by creating 6,500 miles of safe, high quality and signposted rotes for cyclists by the year 2005. The National Cycle Network routes are designed to be useful for local people, attractive to novices, memorable for visitors.

In 1997, Sustrans hosted a series of six, 2-week long, practical construction camps to build the Network - Aberfoyle, Lincoln, Leicester, Chippenham, Sirhowy Valley & Heligan. There will be a variety of tasks for all ages and abilities. People are encouraged to join for anything between three days and a full fortnight.

The Lincoln and Chippenham sites were both planned to have new sundials. The sundials have been designed by Piers Nicholson, webmaster of Sundials on the Internet. They consist of a 6 metre stainless steel gnomons pointing to the celestial pole. The hour lines will be cast into a concrete "horseshoe" of 10 metre diameter. The Lincoln camp runs from June 22 to July 5, and the Chippenham camp from August 2 to August 16; most of the work on the sundials will be done in the first week.

In fact, only the Lincoln sundial was built in 1997, and it stands beside the Witham cycle path which leads to the village of Washingborough, with a 5 metre stainless steel gnomon which bears the legend

This sundial was designed by Piers Nicholson for the opening of the Witham cycle path on 4th July 1997
with the support of the Washingborough Parish Council, the Lincoln City Council, and the North Kesteven District Council, and was built by Sustrans
Quite what future archeologists will make of that inscription, I don't know!

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