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Spot-On Sundials in brass

PO Box 292, Epsom, KT17 4YP England
Tel: 01 372 725 742         Mobile: 07 909 747 335
Website: www.spot-on-sundials.co.uk
Email: info@spot-on-sundials.co.uk
  • The Spot-On Sundial is a new concept in horizontal sundials.
  • Its unique feature is the split gnomon which casts the shadow. Every day at noon a line of light shines between the 2 plates for around 5 mintues.
  • This feature also permits this scientific sundial to be set up precisely, so that it will tell you the right "time by the sun" for years to come.
  • This original Spot-On sundial has a dialplate of 15 cm. diameter, mounted on a 17 cm. square baseplate, and is available at 105 delivered mainland UK by courier (normally within 3 days) .
  • A 15 cm. dia circular baseplace is available at 5 extra if required.
  • For a unique present, why not have the side of the gnomon engraved for only 45 (up to 60 letters)
  • The Spot-On Sundial is easy to set up and comes with complete instructions.
  • Two larger sizes are available (a 25 cm. dia dialplate with a baseplate 27. cm. square,(or 25 cm. dia if preferred) at 195, or a xx cm. dialplate on a baseplate 34 cm. square.
  • We also offer a very unusual polar dial in solid brass, 12½ x 5½ ins.
  • For more details, see www.spot-on-sundials.co.uk
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