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Precision Sundials LLC

100 Overlake Park, Burlington, VT 05401, USA
Tel: (802) 864-3714 voice         (802 862-6597 fax)
Email: bill@precisionsundials.com   Website: www.precisionsundials.com

These custom sundials by Bill Gottesman read civil (watch) time with nearly 1 minute accuracy all year long. They adjust for Daylight Savings and the date. The Renaissance Sundial (patented) illuminates the time with a crisply focused beam of light, rather than casting a fuzzy shadow. It is made of bronze and naval brass, and is nearly four feet tall.

The Sawyer Equant Sundial is 16 inches across. It reads solar time on its bronze plate, and civil time on its granite plate. Both sundials adjust for latitude using a precise patented wedge mechanism. These modern sundials are accurate, bold, fun to use, and cannot be found anywhere else. Visit us at www.precisionsundials.com

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