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Connoisseur Sundials

Lane's End, Strefford, Craven Arms, Salop SY7 8DE, England
Tel: (+44) 1 588 672 126
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We design and make a large variety of accurate working dials in brass or bronze and in a range of sizes.

They include horizontal, vertical, polar and equatorial dials, as well as armillary spheres. The vertical dials can be made for walls facing in any direction (including north!)

Each dial is crafted by hand and given a polished finish. Bronze dials may be patinated as an optional extra.

Full setting instructions are given.

In addition to the outdoor dials, small decorative indoor models are available. These include equatorial, pillar and flag dials. These are especially suitable as corporate gifts.

A colour brochure and price list are available on request. Please contact Silas Higgon on (+44) 1 588 672 126

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