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Accurate Sundials

W59 N358 Hilbert Avenue, Cedarburg, Wisconsin 53012, USA
Tel: 262-387-9992   Fax: 262-387-9992
Email: sales@accuratesundials.com   Website: www.accuratesundials.com

A sundial that tells real clock time!
Have you ever seen one before?

We custom design, engineer and machine elegant and accurate sundials for your specific latitude, longitude and time zone (which we find from your street address).Attractive dials available in solid brass, copper, aluminum and granite. Larger dials available to commercial clients.

Heres what our customers say:

"…I'm impressed. It has an elegant look, but still seems like an instrument rather than decoration… The weight and feel is also nice. Im happy with my purchase."
        Ervan D. Fremont, California

"We love the sundial! The school is very pleased. It looks great on a two foot high tree stump in the classroom's outdoor environment. We almost always have sunshine here in Phoenix, so it's fun to check it everyday.
Thanks for such great service and the beautiful sundial!"
Linda J., Chandler, AZ

"(The sundial) is great! The information included is fascinating and useful. We're very happy with it!"
        Rick J. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"This sundial is a work of art! I was so pleased with the look, feel and heft of the brass dial."
Robert L. - East Woodstock, CT

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