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David Harber Sundials

Blewburton Barns, Hagbourne Road, Aston Upthorpe, Oxon, OX11 9EE

Tel: (+44) 1 235 859 300/1  Fax: (+44) 1 235 851 125
Website:   Email:

David Harber
We make highly unusual as well as very classical sundials. Our dials have been described as "The Rolls Royce of Sundials" in an article in 'The Times' of London.

We are mainly known for our armillary spheres. The spheres can be made of brass, mirror polished stainless steel or bronze and can range in size from 50cm to 4 metres diameter. We also make a wide range of other sundials and sundial sculptures and David delights in producing dials to suit the tastes and requirements of every client using materials as diverse as mirror glass, gold, copper, oxidized steel, marble and slate.

Whether you want a vertical dial for your home or a stunning mirror-glass obelisk sundial for your office we will make you a sundial that will be a talking-piece for centuries to come. Each sundial is made to commission, and to ensure their accuracy they are made for the exact longitude and latitude of their resting-place. The dial is personalized with details such as a sundial motto, the name of the house, children's initials and dates of birth, a commemorative message, etc. We also can engrave the distance and direction from the sundial's resting-place to anywhere you have connections with.

David has produced and installed various dials for clients ranging from Chicago banks to Oxford Colleges as well as private gardens in Britain, Europe and the United States. Public Sundials completed in 1999 include:
  • Magdalen College, Oxford
  • The Putney Society in London
  • Stonehenge dial for an Oxfordshire village
  • Stevenage Town Centre
  • ESRI, Berkeley, California, USA.
  • Citoroen Headquarters, UK
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