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David Brown Sundials

Gibbs Orchard, Sutton Road, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6QP, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1458 274841
E-mail DMBsundial@aol.com   Website: www.davidbrownsundials.com
David Brown makes sundials in slate and other stone, tailor made for individual clients. They can include anniversary date lines, decorative carvings and commemorative features. Inscriptions are all v-cut by hand; gold leaf and enamel paints are used for highlighting and decoration.

David makes horizontal, vertical, analemmatic and polyhedral dials, the latter maybe his speciality: his prizewinning polyhedral dial at Christ Church, Oxford, has 11 dials and 24 gnomons and a wealth of historical detail incorporated into the design and carving.

Recent commissions in the UK have included a 1.4m diameter vertical dial for Queen Margaret's School, York, an analemmatic dial ( 7 metre diameter ) at Wisborough Green, Sussex, and a horizontal garden sundial with musical features.

Prices start at 800. Pictures and more information on www.davidbrownsundials.com Please write, phone or e-mail for a brochure or to discuss your requirements .
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