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Snap ! - the sundial app

Subscription version - many added features

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  Snap ! - the sundial app - subscription version

Our subscription version gives you a much wider choice of cities, and will also allow you to key in the exact latitude and longiture of your location. How do you find your lat and long?

The subscription version shows you the build up of clock time, showing the values of Universal Time, Timezone Offset, ad Daylight Saving to give clock time, and the value of the longitude offset and the Equation of Time to give sun time will give you the values of:

And it also gives you the values for your chosen location of


  •       Apparent Declination of the Sun
  •      Apparent altitude
  •       Solar Noon
  •      Sunrise
  •       Azimuth
  •       Sunset
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and the dial and displayed data will automatically refresh every 60 seconds.

You can subscribe to this service through the Relative Data secure server for 1 year at $11.99 or for 3 years at $24.99


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